An ethical brand

Rosanna Connolly is the founder of Morena, a brand that empowers Women of Colour.

Inspired by her South African-Indian grandmother who grew up in Durban during the apartheid, Rosanna started making clothes at the age of 15 and quickly took to using recycled materials such as curtains and upholstery off-cuts to make beautiful clothes.

As a PR professional, Rosanna recognises the power of education through storytelling and aspires to amplify the voices of Morena (brown skinned) women that have been previously untold or overlooked.

Drawing on her mixed heritage upbringing and the experiences of the Women of Colour who surround her, Rosanna is passionate about bringing values of inclusivity and innovation to life through her work.

Chelsea Bowen-Evans is the Brainy Planner at Morena.

With a background in Classical piano performance and often being the minority in these spaces, Chelsea is passionate about platforms that elevate the voices of Women of Colour in the Arts, Fashion and Creative industries.

Chelsea has a keen interest in sustainable and recycled fashion, frequenting local second hand stores and outlets. She has a keen eye for logistics and processes with the customer always in mind.

Cian Walshe is the Social Media Placement at Morena.

Cian was born in Galway, Ireland and moved to London in 2015. He enjoys experimenting with styles and upcycling clothing by dyeing and painting pieces, making flaws become features. 

Cian trained and worked as a hairdresser for five years, and is currently growing a gorgeous mullet!